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What are the treatment fees/charges of Dr Daksh?

  • At Dr Daksh the treatment fee varies depending on the duration of the treatment which could be monthly, 6 monthly, annual and even longer.
  • Hair treatment solutions at Dr Daksh comprise of a mix of homeopathy and aesthetic treatment using advanced technology.
  • The expert trichologist will advise a treatment plan depending on the grad and degree of hair loss he/she finds during the detailed Video-microscopy evaluation.
  • Based on this evaluation the treatment costs vary from Rs 500 – Rs 2000 EMI.
  • These charges include all medicine and senior doctor consultations for the duration of the set treatment plan.
  • Dr Daksh offers a range of payment methods include – cash, debit/credit cards, Paytm, Google Pay, EMI and more.

All homeopathic medicines look the same. How can the same homeopathic pill cure a variety of ailments?

Homeopathic medicines may look alike, but they are not the same. The concept is similar to allopathic capsules. The matter that cures you is captured within the small white pills. The basic ingredients of homeopathic medicines are derived from 3000 different sources, including plants and minerals. Their active principles are extracted into various solvents and the liquid homeopathic medicine is poured into small, highly porous, absorptive sugar globules for better taste. The content within these white sugar pills aims to cure you.

How do I know that my homeopathic doctor is treating my illness accurately?

Homeopathic treatment will help you observe improvement in the symptoms of your disease. This is probably the best indication that your doctor is following the right course of treatment. There are also medical evaluation tests like blood tests, X-rays, etc., which will help you evaluate the success of treatment provided. Additionally, at Dr Daksh™, in case of skin disorders, you can check your response to the treatment and improvement in your condition with the help of advanced technology like India’s first 3D imaging device, even before it is visible to the naked eye. This saves your money as well as time.

Do homeopathic medicines have side-effects?

No, homeopathic medicines do not cause any side-effects. Homeopathy is a natural, safe as well as effective method of healing. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources like plants and minerals, thus causing no side-effects, even if you take them throughout your lifetime. They are absolutely non-toxic and non-habit forming, and the cure is safe and sure.

Can I combine homeopathy with allopathic treatment?

Yes, homeopathy can complement allopathic treatment.
If you have been taking allopathic medication for a long time, it is not advisable to stop immediately. In such cases, your homeopathic doctor will advise you to start homeopathic treatment alongside allopathy. As your condition improves, you may reduce the consumption of allopathic medicines gradually.
Clinical evidence shows that conventional medicine and homeopathy work well together in treating certain disorders. One such research was conducted in Athens to check the compatibility of homeopathic and allopathic medicines in controlling diabetes. It was found that a group treated only with conventional medicine showed 47% improvement, while the one treated with allopathic and homeopathic medicine together showed an impressive 97% improvement.

Do homeopathic doctors have a proper medical training background? Can they understand and diagnose complains correctly, just as a general physician would?

Yes, a professional homeopath in India has to go through the same rigorous 4 or 5-year course as any other allopathic doctor, including one year of internship at a hospital. Subjects like physiology, surgery and medicine are taught in allopathy and homeopathy. Additionally, to become a Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy [M.D.(Hom)], one needs to spend another three years, followed by a fellowship course of one year in dermatology.
Moreover, homeopathic practice is never restricted to one type of illness or segment. For example, in allopathy, a dermatologist only treats skin ailments and a gastroenterologist only sees patients with problems in the digestive system. However, a homeopath is trained to treat a wide variety of illnesses, right from common problems like sinusitis and allergic coughs to more serious conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and even diseases like cancer. In a true sense, a homeopath is a multi-specialist.

Do homeopathic medicines have steroids?

Homeopathy believes in correcting the disorder instead of suppressing it, unlike steroid-based drugs. Therefore, using steroids is against the philosophy of homeopathy. All homoeopathic medicines use scientific methods of extracting medicinal properties from natural substances. There is no scope or need to adulterate the medicines with any other substance, as that would eliminate the curative properties of the medicine.
Moreover, at Dr Daksh™, homeopathic medicines are prepared in an open pharmacy (glass pharmacy) where our patients can actually see the making of homeopathic pills. However, if you have doubts regarding the contents of homeopathic medicines, you can get them tested at a laboratory for steroids. There are some specific tests that help evaluate the presence of steroids in a given compound.

How can I find the right homeopathic doctor for my treatment?

You should know that a homeopath in India is not someone who has done a weekend or ‘six-week’ course in homeopathy. A professional homeopath has done a 4 or 5-year homeopathy course and has been certified by the governing body to practice homeopathy. There is one simple way to find out how experienced or highly trained your preferred homeopath is: check their credentials and, if possible, learn about the cases they have treated before. You can also talk to some of their patients regarding their experience and improvement in their medical condition after treatment.
If you are not sure where to find the right homeopath, you can go to a reputed homeopathic corporate. Doctors are usually as good as the experience they have. Dr Daksh™ is an institution with a total medical experience of over 1600 years. Therefore, our patients get the benefit of our experience in treating cases since the last 35 years. We also provide the best-in-class homeopathic doctors and best-in-class patient experience.

Is homeopathy slow in action?

Several types of diseases, chronic or acute, can be treated effectively with homeopathy. Unfortunately, people tend to go to a homeopath only when the acute problem becomes chronic, that is, it becomes more severe and difficult to treat. They choose homeopathy when other systems of medicine fail to treat or completely cure their medical condition, most often in cases like arthritis, asthma, rare skin conditions, etc. These cases naturally take longer to treat, even with any other system of medicine. For acute ailments like fever, diarrhoea, acute cold, cough, etc., homeopathic remedies act as fast as conventional medicines, sometimes even faster. In certain cases, these remedies produce results even quicker than other forms of therapy.

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